But you’ll almost never see a gringo with a drop-dead gorgeous, tall, light-skinned paisa with dark-black hair. 95% of those women have Colombian boyfriends, and these guys have money. 2nd, if you are a foreigner in another country you are usually exoctic by nature. In Colombia having blue eyes or blonde hair or both may draw some attention from the woman. Just like the Antonio Banderas types get the looks from the ladies in the US. Having an accent and a different look will get your foot in the door many times.

The central-eastern district zone that includes the 8th, 9th and 10th districts has the highest proportion of cases (24.2%) . According to some variables related individuals, both men and women have higher rates of events in the levels of primary and secondary schooling, reaching 52.5% and 28.9%, respectively.

The discovery of coal in Amagá, a few kilometers south of the Aburrá Valley, and the building of hydroelectric plants provided the new industries with energy, and this allowed the creation of many smaller companies. The Antioquia Railway conquered the difficult geography of one of the most mountainous regions of South America, notably with the La Quiebra Tunnel, which connected the industrial center to the Magdalena River, the most major navigable river in Colombia. In 1932 Medellín also built its first airport, the Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport. Some of the Conquistadors, such as Gaspar de Rodas, the first governor of Antioquia, came from the region of Badajoz. Count Pedro Portocarrero y Luna, President of the Council for the West Indies , asked the Spanish monarchy to give the name of his town, Medellín in Extremadura, to the new settlement in America. His request was accepted on November 22, 1674, when the Regent Mariana of Austria proclaimed the city’s name to be Villa de Nuestra Señora de Medellín. Miguel Aguinaga y Mendiogoitia, Governor, made the name official on November 2, 1675.

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Laureles and Envigado aren’t that far away, just a stop or two on the metro or a short and cheap taxi ride. Speaking of cheap you currently get around 3,800 pesos for every US Dollar though that can Medellin woman fluctuate. They are sort of like the center of the city and are considered the nicest and most upscale areas. They come with a price, but they are safe places where you will feel more at ease.

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She does make me feel like a very special person and has never asked for money or even dropped any hints. Our plan is to keep skyping until I travel over there at Christmas time, see how we feel about everything and take it from there.

When they overheard us speaking English, one of the pasty ones introduced herself, and wanted to ‘Practice her English’, and then we all became fast friends and ended up sharing a table and cervesas + rum. They were all pretty and pretty much looked the same, long dark hair, big pink lips, pasty, petite yet curvy bodies, great smiles. It was apparent they came from higher strata level Colombian families. The passport the scammer sent to convince you that he is a U.S. citizen looks computerized and includes a very attractive photo that looks like it was taken by a professional modeling agency or at a photography studio. I think white guys aren’t really sure in MANY places in the world ….. You may think Medellin women are fat, but on the whole, being a little overweight is nothing compared to the obesity epidemic plaguing the USA.

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However, in the expat-centric areas, it tends to be crimes of opportunity such as pickpocketing in crowds and theft of unattended items . The local expression “no dar papaya,” which loosely translates to “don’t make yourself a target.” Therefore, it is best not to wear expensive jewelry or watches or flash large amounts of cash or expensive cameras. Don’t carry lots of cash or credit/debit cards with you.

I was also never pick-pocketed and ripped off by anyone. As with Colombia as a whole, most people are worried about safety in Medellin. This is a correct concern as the entire country and city experienced a wave of crime in the 1980s and 1990s. Medellin is also the home of the late Pablo Escobar, the infamous narco trafficker. In my experience, many of the women I met in Medellin acted as though they’re the most awesome creatures to ever exist, but also as if Medellin is the greatest city on earth.